Colombia Organic Espresso 250g

Colombia Organic Espresso 250g

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Medium krop. Noter of karamel, mælkechokolade og sød appelsinskræl.

Kom 10 stk. 250 grams poser eller mere i kurven og der bliver fratrukket 20% på prisen ved kassen.

78,00 DKK

The Association Agprocem is several farmers ranging from 5 to 6 hectares. These farms have made a strong intern relationship with the united agenda of producing some of Colombia’s finest specialty Microlots coffees, and they are now carving out a reputation for their high quality and wonderful certified organic coffees.

Though their coffee is of exceptional quality, the harvest has been sold into the commercial market, but with the recent market prices the farmers won’t be able to make a living.
Our partner, The Green Collection Coffee, have set-up an agreement to assist the farmers with developing their coffees and their businesses. The collaboration aims to improve the quality of life for the farmers and their families.

The project initiative is to develop a stable environment through traceability, sustainable grown coffee with an emphasis on social development through the sharing of profits within the association.

This coffee is grown and certified Organic.


  • Espressomaskine
  • Mokkakande

Fakta omkring kaffen:

Origin: Planadas, Tolima
Producer: Association Agprocem
Variety: Caturra, Colombia F8, Castillo, Bourbon, Typica
Altitude: 1650-2000 masl
Proces: Washed
Cupping Score: 84